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Mike P.Review Date: 2019-04-23

Sam H. was a car salesman when I met him. I wasnt sure I was ready to deal with a car salesman. I had done my research. I knew the car I wanted. I knew the price. Well... when he told me it sold less than 24 hours ago, I thought Here comes the old bait and switch. Boy was I wrong. Sam took us out to the lot to look through their inventory and to test drive something if it was similar to the Explorer I missed out on. After probably an hour we were still looking and Sam was as pleasant as could be. Full of information, facts, and patience for my never-ending questions. He ran back and forth scanning for vehicles, pulling up Car Fax reports on his phone for what was probably a dozen vehicles. Yes, many of the vehicles have been in accidents, minor or major. Sam was VERY clear on each vehicle and if there were repair records. No question they werent willing to answer. Lots of 1 star reviews, most of them from people who should have their hands held for them during the process of trying to buy a car. This is a volume dealership. A no-negotiation, no-haggle pricing structure. They tell you all this up front then offer the cars with as much transparency as possible. You need to understand what to expect. You want celebrity status and a nice cappuccino handed to you? Go to a Cadillac dealer. If you have your shit together and know what to expect, this place is a great choice. I found a 2018 Nissan Murano at a great price with a great history and in very good condition. It was time for them to find it and get a test drive. The test drive went quite well even in the rain. We got to do full speed highway driving and the car drove perfect. We next went to Finance and sat with Chad. Chad was very experienced and knowledgeable as well. He was able to find a loan that fit, after a few tries, and of course the inevitable realization that my credit wasnt as good as Credit Karma had led me to believe! TL;DR I ended up with a payment well within my expected range, an incredible deal on a vehicle I though well beyond my reach and a great warranty on top of it all. 10/10 would buy again!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Natasha N.Review Date: 2019-04-17

Buying a car is never easy or fun. I will not lie every car I wanted would be sold by the time I got to their location. Ive been on the hunt for very specific type of car for months. I had almost given up but George Velasquez saved the day! He stayed persistent checking up if I had found anything. The one day I did he was not even working but called the location made sure I had everything set up for me! I finally got my car. If it was not for George and Kelly customer service and willingness to help me. I would still be without a car! So Thank you to George and Kelly for everything! I know with the bad reviews you see but ask for these two and you will not be disappointed!. Also the car so far so good, I have gotten it checked by Honda no issues but I will keep you posted.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Lauren Marie R.Review Date: 2019-04-13

We are so happy we went to Off Lease Only to purchase our next used SUV!! We did our research and no one can compare to the prices and quality of the cars at Off Lease Only. Not only can you not beat their prices, but you cant beat the quality in their customer service! Our new friend Martin was incredible. He helped us find exactly what we wanted in our next vehicle, he was patient with us and answered every single question of ours (and we had plenty!). Hes a very sweet guy who is going to get you in and out quickly, driving off the lot in the perfect vehicle for you and your family! Tony was amazing, he was so professional and had lots of patience with us while going over our financing options. Steven is an awesome Manager, he puts the perfect people in the right positions that will ensure your car buying experience to be the best ever. These are wonderful, caring, professional people who are going to help you find your perfect car or SUV at a price you cant find anywhere else! Do yourself a favor and head over to Off Lease Only to find that dream car you have been waiting for! You will not regret it.


Maggie B.Review Date: 2019-04-09

George Velasquez was so helpful! He helped me find the perfect car for me! I got everything I wanted and I love my red beauty! He has a positive, upbeat attitude and was very knowledgeable. I love my new car and recommend George to anyone looking for a new car! Thank you again!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Jonathan SReview Date: 2019-04-03

George Velasquez was great to work with. He made it a pleasant, stress free experience. I would purchase from him again.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Fiona C.Review Date: 2019-04-01

I went to Off Lease Only planning to take a look at the cars they had available. I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and the transparency. My sales lady, Reyna was wonderful!!! We found a few SUVs and she headed out into the rain with me to find them. She was very accommodating and showed me the reports on the vehicles. I found the perfect vehicle to suit my needs. The manager helped her since she was new, he was also very pleasant. I put a deposit down that night and came back in the next day to complete the sale. I couldnt have been happier with the service and friendliness of the staff. The NO PRESSURE, NO GAMES atmosphere is the thing that sold me, finding a great vehicle at a fair price was icing on the cake.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

William L.Review Date: 2019-03-29

From Jade Heinz in sales to Amy Lord in finance, my double trade/purchase at the West Palm Beach location of Off Lease Only was a five-star experience. Introduced to Jade by Amy, I advised of a two-vehicle trade-in/purchase. Just the vehicles - nothing more - no warranties, add-ons, etc. I had already picked out the vehicles online and didnt want to be shown other vehicles or hassled to purchase extras. With excellent credit, I was pre-qualified by Amy. Trading my 2017 Nissan Armanda Platinum for a newer model and my 2016 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum for a 2019 Infiniti QX60 Pure FWD, I completed one deal on Saturday, the other on Sunday. Each transaction was seamless - quick and easy, no push to purchase extras. I was happy with the trade in value of each vehicle and applied the positive equity to my purchases. Unlike other dealerships, very few additional fees were added to my purchase. Although I had picked out my vehicles online, Jade insisted that I test drive each to insure my overall happiness. As for finance - Amy quickly processed each trade explaining herself along the way. No problems or issues whatsoever. Jade even handwashed my Armada license plate when transferring it from one vehicle to the other. Friendly staff and clean dealership. Off Lease Only is located on Congress Avenue in West Palm Beach. I will keep them in mind for future trade-ins and/or purchases. William E. Lewis Jr. Vero Beach, Florida

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Kandace C.Review Date: 2019-03-28

This was my first car purchase and after shopping for cars all over central Florida. Off Lease Only is by far the best place to buy a vehicle. At one point I even went to a Toyota dealership that had the same prices as Off Lease but once we made an offer, the added charges were over $3,000. When purchasing from off Lease, the added charges were less than half of the dealerships. We worked with George Velasquez and I would highly recommend working with him. He took time to educate us on how to find the history of the vehicles and did not push us to buy at all. George was also extremely quick to respond to text messages and phone calls. Along with the great customer service, a perk with off lease is that they allow you to test drive alone. Having privacy while driving the vehicle allowed us to better examine how the engine sounded and how the drive felt. Originally because of my budget, I was only expecting to get an older car with high mileage but ended up getting 2018 Toyota Corolla with only 11,500 miles. Both my sister has also purchased from off lease Orlando love their experience and their vehicles. If your thinking about purchasing a vehicle, The best choice is off lease and ask for George!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Sheila B.Review Date: 2019-03-27

Cant say enough about our salesman, McKindly Thomas. He has a great knowledge base, was patient beyond belief and ultimately we found the SUV that was a great fit and a great price for us. The inventory is huge so its easy to get yourself off track. But a good salesperson that really wants your sale to be right for you can keep you from getting overwhelmed. That was our experience at Off Lease Only Orlando. 4 out of 5 stars because the process to finish is long.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Anthony G.Review Date: 2019-03-22

very happy with my BMW purchase. Sam Hackett was a knowledgeable, and very helpful Sales Rep.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Daniel G.Review Date: 2019-03-19

My family has already bought three cars from here and I just bought one for myself. Non of them have had issues and still run great. When I went to purchase mine George Velasquez helped me through the whole process. There was no rush and I got to look at the cars I wanted, inside and out without being pressured on any of them. When I finally picked the one I wanted I got to test drive it and ask all the questions I wanted. George showed me how to look up the CARFAX and all the history of the car and really helped me make it an easy purchase. I was very pleased and the process was very smooth. I would definitely buy from here again.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Jill S.Review Date: 2019-03-19

Wow! George Velaaquez made my first-time experience at OffLeaseOrlando a great one! Pleasant, knowledgeable and patient...and no arm-twisring! The focus was on allowing me to experience the vehicles I wanted to experience....with just the right amount of advice and direction when I needed it. I highly recommend OffLeaseOrland and George if youre looking to purchase your first or next vehicle!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Angela M.Review Date: 2019-03-16

We purchased a 2014 Hyundai Veloster and we were very impressed with the service at OffLeaseOnly. Our sales rep was Hilda she had excellent customer service and made the process of purchasing the car very simple and as quick as possible. The process for buying the car from OffLeaseOnly was very organized from the moment you walk in to the moment you are signing the papers. Frank was our finance guy and he was also very accommodating and helpful. We never felt pressured to buy and had a great experience here. It wasnt until we were leaving we realized there was a food truck there which was an additional bonus I wish we wouldve seen before! Buying a car can take a few hours so the fact they have food available is genius! OffLeaseOnly provides you with car fax which is great. We also took the car to the Hyundai dealership afterwards to make sure there were no issues and we are happy that there were none. Transparency, efficiency, and great prices will be the reason we return in the future.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (MIAMI) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Michele G.Review Date: 2019-03-14

This is the second Vehicle I purchased at this location. There is no reason to go anywhere else!! Desi, My sales person, was an absolute pleasure. From the time I reached out to her, she stayed connected with me via phone ,text ,email and was professional, informative, and knowledgeable. When I arrived at the location to complete the purchase ,Desi was just the same, in person, as the image she projected over the phone. Jonathan, our finance manager, Was equally as professional. He was extremely efficient. And also a pleasure to deal with. I wouldnt think of going anywhere else to purchase a vehicle and would prefer that I deal with Desi for any of my future purchases. You have a great team


Shermekia D.Review Date: 2019-03-08

Second time around definitely made a difference. Customer service was up to par help guide me to make a sound and smart purchase. Thanks Dizzy and Bobby from holding my hand and walk me along my journey. The extra TLC is always appreciated.


MIqbal H.Review Date: 2019-03-01

Im Muhammad Hussain visited north Lauderdale Branch for trade in my previous vehicle Miss Jayda Customer service sales representative, Mr Matt and Cliff sales representative provided me with extended support, but I would like to thanks especially Mr. Jonathan Finance Manager who showed his highly professionalism and smart working attitude to understand and achive customer needs. He made my deal so easy, quick and affordable. Keep up the good work Buddy.


Rachid S.Review Date: 2019-02-26

My wife and I visited this location a few days ago. I was nervous at first . We met the sales associate and I was beyond impressed. We felt comfortable and enjoyed meeting Hesham. He was knowledgeable, friendly and confident. My wife and I can not wait to tell everyone we know about Hesham and this location. We were just shopping and cant wait to go back and purchase the car we want. Thanks

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Sarah A.Review Date: 2019-02-26

I visited offleaseonly just out of curiosity to check if there is anything i would like when i get my tax refund. I was welcomed by Hesham and he took time to explain and show us great offer even that we told him we are not buying anything today. He listened really well to what we are looking for and showed a variety that matches my budget and desired car. Will be back definitely to purchase cars from him and sending friends over. Such a great customer service!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Caleb R.Review Date: 2019-02-25

Charles Moore was awesome!!! he made this the BEST car buying experience i have ever had. Absolutely pressure free and he went out of his way to make sure i found the car i wanted. i would definitely refer anyone i know to him

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review

Lynn A.Review Date: 2019-02-13

We just bought a car yesterday from Sam Hackett in Orlando, and Ive never had a more pleasurable experience purchasing a car. I am 70 years old and have had many cars. Thank you to Sam, and also to Oral for his quick paperwork. and pleasant personality. We will definitely buy from offlease again and will recommend to all our friends!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly YELP Review


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