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Todd FReview Date: 2014-11-25

I came in from out of state to purchase a car I found online. Prior to arriving, I was put in contact with Jay from the out of state sales department. He provided me with very good follow-up and customer service during the process of purchasing a car. Jay was easy to deal with and no high pressure. He helped facilitate transportation from the hotel and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a car. Overall, I really like the concept that OffLease provides. Upfront pricing and there aren't a bunch of fees that they try to tack on in the end

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Yinelys RReview Date: 2014-11-25

I am a happy customer! When I heard that my car had been totaled, I was shocked! I went to this place with no knowledge whatsoever about cars and I got a beautiful one for an excellent price. Raidel Fernandez worked very hard to provide me with car options and to explain pros and cons. I am very thankful to him and the rest of the staff for all the attention and excellent service. Overall, I drove home a car that I absolutely love at a great price and with a great interest rate! Prompt service, carfax provided, and tag provided(permanent one) I will definitely buy here again!! Thanks Raidel.

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Leslie MReview Date: 2014-11-25

I had a great experience buying my new car at Off Lease Only. I had a very specific car that I was looking for, so their online notification system made it easy to receive alerts when that car came in stock. Kory Drotar was wonderful as he helped me to be patient and find the exact car I wanted. There was no pressure to buy a car immediately or to buy something that I was not sure of. He made my car buying experience not only pain-free, but a pretty fun time! I highly recommend going to Off Lease Only, especially to find a luxury car at a stellar price. Ask for Kory - he's grea

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Kelli WReview Date: 2014-11-25

best experience in purchasing a vehicle! Haz is absolutely amazing! David in financing is very friendly and helpful!

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Victoria MReview Date: 2014-11-25

Shauna Welsh was my sales rep. She was very accommodating and extremely informative and up front about everything. After going to Schumacher originally to purchase a vehicle, they quoted me an OUTRAGEOUS interest rate and basically didn't help get me within my budget. After spending nearly four hours with Shauna, we went through everything, did the test drive and I was done with financing in less than 20 minutes. It was extremely simple, easy, and every one there was very friendly. Dorwin Rolle was my finance contact and he was so helpful and gave me fantastic advise for my first car loan. Over-all the BEST car buying experience I could've asked for. I'd recommend these two to any of my friends or family that were looking for great customer service.

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OB RReview Date: 2014-11-25

Ben Goldberg is the best and most professional sales person. He listened to what I wanted, and searched the website to find me the perfect car. I was prepared to compromise on some car features to fit my budget, but Ben's knowledge and experience of the various models really came through. After searching the web on my own for a "sensible" car, Ben made a suggestion which I had not even considered, and it was a match made in heaven! Before purchasing, I took the car to my mechanic, who said it was in brand new condition and a steal with only 30K miles. Titi was also very helpful as he was able to identify a rattling noise in the car as the inventory stickers. Am very happy with my experience and plan to purchase all my future cars from Ben at Off Lease

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Sidney AReview Date: 2014-11-24

I had a good experience with the group that helped me as an out of state buyer. A great deal of effort on their part was put into getting me into the car that I wanted and they made it happen. The best part of my deal was the friendly group of Bogdan, Paulino and Pablo, and of course the good prices

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Yousef KReview Date: 2014-11-24

It was amazing to get so much done on a Sunday!!! The vibe inside the office was great and the staff were like family. It took us a few hours but there were plenty of chairs and computers to be comfortable.

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Troy SReview Date: 2014-11-24

Easiest car buying experience yet

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Elizabeth LReview Date: 2014-11-24

I absolutely love the way I was treated here. My husband and I had an great experience and would continue to deal with this company always and refer everyone we know! Ridel Fernandez is the best car sales person we have ever encountered. He had ready answers to all of our question and such a friendly manner. Pablo Zambrano treated us like one of his friends, we felt at home! Thank you all for such a great experience.

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Victoria GReview Date: 2014-11-24

Truly a GREAT place to buy a car! There is great inventory and pricing cannot be beat. Plan on making it a day long excursion because it is such a busy place that you have to wait. Our salesperson, Ben, was AMAZING! He made the entire experience a great one and helped us find the right car. The wait for financing is a long one but thanks to Ben it was all worthwhile

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Reilly HReview Date: 2014-11-24

This review is for the lot on Military Trail just north of Forest Hill Blvd. I would like to thank Steve Gilmore in being a very friendly, down to Earth and for not being a pushy salesman who helped me throughout the entire process even with the minor details I could have handled on my own. His sincere approach to doing business with me and genuinely being interested in helping me and not just making another sale or avoiding a person who could potentially just waste his time, he managed to win my confidence and also make me feel at ease since his down to Earth personality kept me at ease the entire time. Again I genuinely appreciate the opportunity to have done business with you and I was more than pleasantly surprised that I got a better deal than I was even expecting. Thanks again

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Sharon GReview Date: 2014-11-24

I was totally turned off by pushy salesmen when I recently went into a Ford Dealership to purchase a Ford Explorer. I ended up walking out because of the blatant dishonesty. My husband suggested that we go to Off Lease and boy was I glad we did!! From the moment we sat down with Kory Drotar, we felt comfortable. Kory was not pushy at all! He was a pleasure to work with and he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in our search. I'm happy to say we walked out of there a few hours later with my 2013 Ford Explorer. Thank you so much Kory Drotar and Off Lease Only!!!!!

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Eric MReview Date: 2014-11-21

Something to see. So many people, buyers, agents etc. IVAN JURADO was our sales person and was very informative and patient in letting us browse and drive cars. So much is going on but at the same time Ivan gave us his personalized attention and saw us through the experience from start to end. Plan to be there for 3 hours past your actual browsing time so come early but it's well worth it. Thank you Ivan and all that were involved from the sales staff, washers, detailers, managers and all that I've missed. Great experience and am passing this info on.

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Carmen EReview Date: 2014-11-21

As my husband and I were going to walk in to Off Lease Only, Frank was opening the door and asked if we needed help. From that point the service was perfect. Frank is very nice and respectful. He is also very knowledgeable. No matter what the question was, he new the answer. He helped us from the beginning to the end. Also, Michael Passell from the Finance department was also very nice and answered all our questions and concerns. loved the attention from all the staff. They were all very nice. Thank you all very much. I will definitely tell anyone who wants to buy a car/truck to go to Off Lease Only.

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Derrick BReview Date: 2014-11-21

This is now my 4th car that I buy from Miguel at Off lease in Lake Worth. The vehicle just like the other were extremely clean and drive exactly like they were new. Robert G. in finance treats me like I'm a family member. I always recommend this dealer to other friends, and my call me back to say I was right. The service is excellent. Thanks to Off Lease I save lots of money

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Mitansu PReview Date: 2014-11-21

I want to Thank Steven "Happy" Gilmour for all of his help with my recent purchase from Offleaseonly. I was an out of state customer, and he worked with me each step of they way to secure my preferred vehicle. As is expected from this dealership, the pricing is unparalleled. I got my Vehicle over 5K below market value! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! I highly recommend this dealership and steven to anyone in the market for a vehicle. I will be returning for my future vehicle purchases!

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Andrew BReview Date: 2014-11-20

My family and I were looking to upgrade to a larger vehicle. Off lease helped us find the perfect car for our family. THANK YOU for making our experience a positive one again; as this is not our first purchase from you!

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Doug SReview Date: 2014-11-19

Buying a car without the stress is great. Danny Pena did a great job with the sale and answering our questions. He has also been very helpful resolving issues after the sale. OffLease has been vey good handling issues with the car after the sale. My only complaint is the place is very small for the amount of business they do on the weekends. Thanks Tim and Donny for all the help

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Roslyn RReview Date: 2014-11-19

Well to start off, I would like to thank Miguel and Leo for their outstanding service. I did an 1hr and 45 min drive (not including traffic) just to visit this location. I had a car in mind but the chance of it actually being there was very small. Miguel approached me because I looked like a lost puppy not knowing what I wanted or where to go. He started giving me options, but not like any sales specialist but more like a friend. Not at any moment did I feel like I was being sold something but more of an experience which I appreciated. He didn't push, or make me feel like I had to buy something that day but more of a, take all the time in the world this is what I am here to do, to serve you in any way thats beneficial to you. Mind you, they closed at 9 and it was already 9:30 and I hadn't even made up my mind, but do you think he gave me attitude or tried to rush me ? Absolutely not, he was actually complimenting me and making feel like I was wanted there. Plus the fact that I made him laugh made time go by a little easier. NOW when it came to talk about money is where Leo came along and I was impressed. Thinking I was going into the real deal money talk and had to put my serious face on. Yet, he made it more like a formal conversation, answering all the questions I had. Mind you, I asked the same questions like three times just incase. He made sure I was aware what I was getting myself into ( which pretty much was a steal) and helped me understand. I believe I got the best deal than any other dealership had to offer. Amazing prices, Brand New cars AND amazing employees? Can't get any better than that. OH and let me not forget the lovely young lady asking me if I needed anything to drink. Its the simple things that make a company stand out than the rest. The fact that I never, not once, felt pushed or felt like I was being sold something is the deal breaker for me. Compared to all other dealerships that i have personally visited Offleaseonly has done it for me. When ever any friend/family need a car you can count off lease only will be the first on the list and probably the only on the list. I would like to thank Miguel, Leo and all the other employees at the west palm location that stayed till 11pm with a smile on their face and never once grunted or felt bothered by me taking so long a huge THANK YOU ! I left with the perfect car for me. I am currently looking outside my window and enjoying that beautiful view ( of my new car of course ) once again, Thank You.

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