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Katie G.Review Date: 2019-03-24

I had a great time today buying a car with Ben the sales rep. He was very nice and helped me get in and out pretty quickly with a new car. I’m very glad I went and I felt like I got a pretty good deal.

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Latosia LReview Date: 2019-03-23

On 3/11/19 I made a call to Off Lease Only speaking with Jerry who told me to come right in and he would make sure I was taken care of. During my visit I was assisted by Moe and Damien. From the time I arrived till the time I departed, the treatment by these men was AMAZING. My arrival was a little late in the afternoon which seemed to be at a busy time. While assisting me these men also assisted others in a very timely fashion making sure everyone was okay. I did not leave without a vehicle which says a lot about my treatment and their effort in making sure I was completely satisfied. I highly recommend anyone looking for a vehicle to visit this location. Before leaving a took a picture with Jerry, Moe and Damien to post them on my social media websites so everyone would know where to go and who to ask for. I would like to tell them all (Jerry, Moe and Damien) thank you again so much for all their assistance and professionalism during the time of my vehicle purchase.

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Nicholas VReview Date: 2019-03-23

Mario T has done an amazing job with helping us get a car. He was courteous, polite and always came to find us to make sure that we are ok. He is professional and he keeps it real. He is friendly and easy to communicate with.

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RainaDAY.2 MReview Date: 2019-03-23

If youre looking up the definition of customer service, you should look for Jared.B😃 He is understanding, open and very laid back and chill, the definition of off lease only.I will highly recommend him for your dealer at the Congress branch 😎 Jared really does stress a no pressure environment they have there😃

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Pearl W.Review Date: 2019-03-23

My husband and I came to Off Lease Only to purchase our first car together. The experience was amazing. With the help of Stephanie and Guesly We were able to quickly identify which car would work for us and not waste any time. Elvis was very helpful As well. We really like our new Toyota Camry! Mr & Mrs Amboise


Gaby D.Review Date: 2019-03-23

First time coming to Off Lease. When I explained everything that I just wanted to look around see what they have they told me to take my time and if I needed anything to take a picture and come back so we can do a test drive. Thank you to Dizzy I left with my Nissan


johnnygarcia777Review Date: 2019-03-22

Great experience at this location. I was provided with excellent help and was an overall quick and painless experience. I had the pleasure to work with Dizzy and Dwight who answered all my questions with expertise and were more than willing to share advice on my concerns. Most importantly, both of these fine gentlemen were efficient. Usually buying cars is a long and boring affair .Thanks alot guys!! Very happy with my car! Woot!


Christy TReview Date: 2019-03-22

After my sister in law got an awesome deal at OffLeaseOnly a few short months ago, I decided to recommend them to my brother Adam. He never had credit of any kind, but was treated with excellent service and not at all handled like most car dealerships do. He was shown a list of vehicles in his price range, was never asked what he wanted he wanted his monthly payment to be (another common scheme by shady dealers), but instead shown prices of all cars he wanted to see, the carfax reports and ability to go on a test drive without the salesperson present so we could fully examine the cars without anxiety. EVERY single person was lovely!! The girls that greeted us at the door with smiles, our salesperson Matt, who was funny and honest with us about every aspect of the sale. Finance guy Lennox was so cool and attentive, and right down to the insurance agent Peter that found us insurance that was over $100 cheaper a month than anything I found on my phone. My brother walked in with no car and no real expectation of accomplishing everything in a single visit but Offleaseonly delivers on ALL points!! Beautiful quality of vehicles, excellent customer service, and an award winning positive experience for what would otherwise be an incredibly stressful process. I would highly recommend this location to family and friends. Thank you for changing my mindset about used car dealers. These wonderful professionals truly know what it is to actually put customers first. 5 Stars well deserved!!!

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Merlys BReview Date: 2019-03-22

muy satisfecha con todo el proceso de la compra de mi auto, el vendedor raudel j rodriguez muy amable, me explico todoooo. recomiendo este dealer a mis familiares y amistades.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly GOOGLE Review

Wallie J.Review Date: 2019-03-21

Off Lease Only Fort Lauderdale saved my life. My wife was driving me crazy trying to find a car. As soon as we entered Off Lease Only Fort Lauderdale we were greeted and Geoffrey Taylor helped us. It was a great experience. Geoffrey not only helped her find a car but he exceeded our expectations by getting her the payment that fit exactly in her budget. Tony Carenza was amazing and truly not only helped with financing, he educated us. Roan Ulett was behind the scenes the whole time making the transaction perfect. I LOVE OFF LEASE ONLY FORT LAUDERDALE. Go check them out and ask for Geoffrey and Tony( THEY SAVED MY LIFE)!!!!! By the way..... Tony gives out Twizzlers!


monique J.Review Date: 2019-03-21

I was skeptical when I first came to Off Lease Only Ft. Lauderdale because the day before I went to Off Lease Only Miami and I did not have the best experience. As soon as I walked in I was greeted with smiles and hellos, almost like I was family. My salesman, Geoffrey Taylor, was the absolute best. He was very patient and just REAL with me. He took the time to walk me through the process. He said I would know when I found the perfect car and he was right. But that was just the beginning, He introduced me to Roan Ulett and Tony Twizzlers Carenza. They were all amazing and made me feel like I was at home. It is only because of them that I drove off with the car of my dreams for the price I could afford. If you want a car and you want to deal with people who are gonna keep it real, check out Off Lease Only Fort Lauderdale and ask for Geoffrey and Tony. You wont be dissappointed, I promise!


Jill-Capri S.Review Date: 2019-03-20

Wow! George Velaaquez made my first-time experience at OffLeaseOrlando a great one! Pleasant, knowledgeable and patient...and no arm-twisring! The focus was on allowing me to experience the vehicles I wanted to experience....with just the right amount of advice and direction when I needed it. I highly recommend OffLeaseOrland and George if youre looking to purchase your first or next vehicle!

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Antonio C.Review Date: 2019-03-20

I would like to thank Stephanie for her great service and patience. Guesly and Elvis were great. World class service. I will refer all family and friends.


Rachelle L.Review Date: 2019-03-20

Oh GOD Mr Dale Aggard was amazing. He was very patient with me considering I couldnt decide which car to go with. But he was super polite and understanding. Even after living the place with no car that night, he was still looking for a car for me and was very quick with his response to finding me a suitable vehicle for me and my family. He got me approved after crying and being depressed a couple of days. When he said Congratulations my entire family and I went into worshiping. I am grateful for you Mr. Dale. Great Job :)

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Reda A.Review Date: 2019-03-19

We have an excellent experience with ISAAC the salesman. He answer all our questions and he did a great job finding us the car we want. I will give the place 5 starts and the salesman 10/10

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly GOOGLE Review

alejandro G.Review Date: 2019-03-19

The salesperson Geoffrey at the dealership is upfront and informative. He came to us with all the information neccessay for making an informed decision on purchasing a car. Go see Geoffrey!


David C.Review Date: 2019-03-19

Had a great experience at Offlease Palm Beach. Mario T. was extremely helpful, humorous and charismatic and really made the whole stressful process of buying a car a breeze! Would highly recommend him anyday!!

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Robert H.Review Date: 2019-03-19

My wife and I got to the Fort Lauderdale site at 10:00 am and drove out with a 2016 Ford Explorer at 1:00 pm. Never bought a car so fast! Great, professional, friendly people. Geoffrey Taylor was able to find a unused registration which saved us some money.


Gahday H.Review Date: 2019-03-19

Just purchased my 1st car. The process was super easy Dizzy was amazing he didnt pressure me at any point and he was super cool and honest. I will definitely refer my friends and family


Derek F.Review Date: 2019-03-19

Kenton and Jaime went above and beyond to help me get a vehicle that would fit with in my budget. I highly recommend that you go see Kenton and Jaime if you are looking for a vehicle.

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