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DaiamReview Date: 2015-02-20

Very happy with the customer service I received. Everyone was super generous and attentive. I would recommend. I have visited many dealerships and by far the best!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

MRivera2015Review Date: 2015-02-19

My name is Margie Im looking to buy a Infinite car and pass by offleaseonly and met Manny Crisostomo excellent guy, his service is great. polite, organized very good person. I am so happy with the service that I am coming back to buy my car at this dealership. Very happy cant wait to go back after getting my tax money.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

JuliomoreiraReview Date: 2015-02-18

Got the deal I was looking for and had a great sales person Joe Otero…Thx

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

95blkmaxReview Date: 2015-02-18

1- No sharks/ shark behavior common to used car dealers. They welcome you, explain to you how it works, give you their card and when you find a car you like, call them and they'll prep you for the test drive (which you do on your own) 2- All the cars are open! No need to wait for someone to find the key and get back to you 3- No haggling. Price is set. If you like it great; if you don't, go somewhere else. No need to be an expert negotiator here 4- Full disclosure of vehicle history to the best of their knowledge Overall, this was probably as good as car buying can be. We were helped by both Manny Moya and Frank Ortiz, followed by Kirk in Finance which was very thorough in explaining our options with varying scenarios (downpayment amounts, # of months, etc...). If there's one thing I could suggest to OffLeaseOnly to further improve the buying experience is to either expand the sales office or re-structure it. It can feel like a DMV on a Monday morning during peak hours... But thankfully, the sales team makes the best out of it for you (the buyer) to spend as minimal time as possible in there (there is a BBQ outside every few hours, covered picnic tables outside with a nice breeze, you can roam around the car lot if you want, or go by the East fence and watch the planes land/ take off from Opa-Locka airport while they call you for the next step in the buying process). After you experience OffLeaseOnly's buying experience, there's no need to go elsewhere to buy a car.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (MIAMI) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

LarizaReview Date: 2015-02-18

Had a great experience buying my used vehicle from here! The atmosphere was very family oriented and I did not feel like I was being pressured into a sale at all. They were very willing to work with me and with my budget and made the entire experience stress free. Great people, great service!!!William Boffill helped me out so much along with Michael Passell Finance Manager, very friendly and professional, no hassles. Definitely recommend purchasing a vehicle here!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (MIAMI) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Jhall4462Review Date: 2015-02-18

Eric or sales guy did a fantastic job finding the truck we wanted and helping us through the buying process. Anthony our finance guy helped expedite the process by explaining as we went. Great dealership and team work.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Fred_Cruz Review Date: 2015-02-18

I first heard about OffLeaseOnly for the first time through my co-workers. I was told OffLeaseOnly has really good deals on used cars that are in great shape. I was a little bit skeptical at first until I browsed a researched a few cars on their website. Then I realized my friends were right about this place. I was out on the market to buy my 17 year old her first car as a graduation gift and I wanted to give it to her on Valentines Day. The website happens to have exactly what I was looking for. I found the perfect car for her, a 2012 Volkswagen Jetta with only 23,000 miles at really good price $9,999.00. I scheduled an appointment with EriK Baum the Sales Representative that assisted me with my purchase. Erik had been highly recommended to me by co-workers. He was GREAT right off the bat! He was upfront and honest about the car over the phone before we met. He told me all about the history of the car and shared the carfax details with me. The Car had been in fender bender and repaired. Erik helped me understand exactly what I was going to see in person. When I finally saw the car for myself it was exactly as he said. The car was in excellent condition, the exterior was in excellent condition, the interior was super clean. The car had been in a fender bender with the previous owner but it was repaired and it performed great during the test drive. I bought the car on Friday 2/13 and we have been driving it around town for several days now and I can honestly say Erik Baum did not steer me wrong! This was a great purchase. Thank you Erik Baum you’re AWESOME! You helped put a HUGE SMILE on my 17 year old daughters face! I would recommend Erik Baum and OffLeaseOnly in a heart beat!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Jbaquer3Review Date: 2015-02-17

Jerry was very patient and determined with our purchase. He was always there when we called him and always worked around our busy work schedule. His team was very positive and hard working!!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

MartysoftlyReview Date: 2015-02-17

I bought my Honda Civic with the help of Tony Garilli, he answered all of my questions, was courteous, and professional. I would definitely recommend Tony and Off lease only for anyone looking to buy a car. They treated me like family.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Istvan71Review Date: 2015-02-17

My wife and I went last weekend to Off Lease Only Lake Worth to check out the Mini Coopers that we have seen previously on the website. When we entered the door, we got help right away from Bret Hunter, although it was a very busy Saturday afternoon. He was very nice and helpful throughout the process of selecting the car. He was very efficient; we could actually buy the car we liked in a really short time, thanks to him! The financing process was also smooth; the financing manager Albert A. was professional: he made everything clear, to the point, and he respected our choices. We really liked that nobody tried to pressure us. It was a very pleasant experience for us and we will recommend Off Lease Only Lake Worth to all of our friends!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

David_Silva10Review Date: 2015-02-17

I have been looking for a car for a while and I found this place and it was the lowest prices and best services out of ay dealer. Javier gave me the time and helped me look at lots of car and he recommended the best car for me. The car was perfect, it was clean, well taken care of, and the perfect price. Also Danny helped me pay the right price monthly. I will recommended this place to everyone I know that is interred in buying cars.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Carsonv1Review Date: 2015-02-17

Great quality vehicles, Great prices. awesome staff. I've already recommended these guys to my friends.worked with Charles Diaz and Abner Garcia.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

SolarScoutReview Date: 2015-02-17

Great selection of cars. I loved the online information and friendly staff. Omid was excellent to work with. We got a great car at a great price.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Ginag62287Review Date: 2015-02-16

I came in Sat. to buy an SUV but wasn't quite sure as to which one. I had a list of stock numbers. The first person I saw was Demond Burks. I approached him and was very straight forward with what I was looking for. I was ready for the typical salesman that has a push, egotistical attitude. However Demond did not have those annoying qualities in the least bit! He was sincere, personable, understanding and extremely patient with me as I made my first car purchase. I had been to Offlease before only to leave due to a pushy sales man. I not only had an awesome car buying experience because of Demond but I had a very easy financing experience as well with Matt. Demond is the man to speak to at Offlease!!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Goodtogo3Review Date: 2015-02-16

Jerry was very personable, courteous, helpful, and honest. He did his best to make sure all of questions were answered and expeditiously addressed all of our concerns. We came from out of state to purchase our vehicle and he did a great job in helping us throughout our experience. It was a no pressure environment. Thanks Jerry!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Winter2016Review Date: 2015-02-16

My name is kas I went by offleaseonly dealer looking for a Honda the service was great I spoke to Manny Crisistomo excellent person, organized, polite and answer all my questions very good with the service definitely coming back to buy this car. I'm happy and will recommend this dealership to anyone good pricing n excellent service.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Ajosh_JohnReview Date: 2015-02-12

2014 Toyota Camry! My first car. I was very specific about the color of the car to be WHITE. I was browsing the internet, going to dealer places/ showrooms in search of a one that could very much fit my needs. And there it was, as it meant to be for ME, I found her at Offlease Only for a very little 11,000 Miles. Oh Man!, She was beautiful. The moment I saw, I decided that This is it. This is the ONE I was looking for. Special thanks to Benjamin Goldberg the salesperson who helped me in getting this car. Man, Thank you very much. I really appreciate all your efforts in getting this DONE. You are an amazing Sales Person!. Great Company and Great People. I would definitely recommend everyone I know!. Cheers..

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Sparky1115 Review Date: 2015-02-12

After MONTHS of run around with other dealers Kory Drotar was FANTASTIC! He was knowledgeable, helpful and an all around great guy. He made the process as painless as possible. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a car. If your in the market call him first :) The only negative would be to make sure you know your financial information when dealing with the paperwork/finance department...................

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Turtle66Review Date: 2015-02-12

I am supprised and pleased to say how wonderful it was to buy a car with no pressure from my salesman,Sam T.,and with my finance manager,Alladdin!!! They know their job and are good at it!!!The prices are good and the help is pricsless!!!!!!Harvey

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Kellymacxx1Review Date: 2015-02-11

Off Lease Only in Lake Worth was the best! The dealership is quite busy with many smiling faces. The best customer service I have received from a dealership! I cannot thank them enough! They made it possible for me to get my dream car! With the help of their awesome finance and sales team I was able to drive away with my new Cadillac CTS, with and a huge smile on my face! A special thanks to Rafael **, Robert, in the sales department and TJ, Robert ** in the finance department and Rick the manager. All of you guys rock!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review


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