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FgurgisReview Date: 2015-02-09

Had a very good experience with purchasing a second vehicle from Kory within the last 7 months. He is a great salesperson and does not rush the buyer into purchasing a vehicle until they find one they are pleased with. Vincent was proficient with explaining the financing aspect of the car buying portion

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Jeania1Review Date: 2015-02-09

I am extremely pleased with the customer service I received at Off Lease Only. Yes we had a couple of glitches, but they handled it well. The owner and the people at Offlease WPB are the best, you can tell they care for their customers. I want to give big thanks to Micheal Mueguer the finance manager who worked with me and made sure I knew everything before I bought the car. He did such an awesome job. Next is Shauna Welsh, such a joyful and loving spirit person. Shauna does her job well and she makes sure that her customers leave with smiles on their faces. Last is Joel, Joel is the person who finalized everything for me, he was quick and sweet. He reviewed everything with me and made sure that I was satisfied. In conclusion I would have made a big mistake if I went to anyone else. They make you feel welcomed and worry free. Offlease Only has no problem making you feel like family. These guys aren't your typical car dealership. They make sure you know all the facts.There is no such thing as beating around the bush with them. No hidden stuff to deal with down the road. I recommend them to everybody who wants a stylish car at affordable rates. As you can tell I'm a VERY satisfied customer/family member.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

T_hayden81 Review Date: 2015-02-09

Shauna made this whole experience painless and enjoyable. She was kind and patient with me. She helped me find the best car that fit my needs. I am now a customer for life.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Mraalbury81Review Date: 2015-02-09

MannyCrisostomo was my sales rep. From the time I met Manny at the dealership, he always kept me informed. Throughout the process Manny would make sure everything would go smoothly. He even stayed till midnight on signing day in order to see the process through. I also have to than the Finance Manager Shawn for his help. This has been my best car-buying experience with a salesman. I'm definitely referring everyone I know to Off lease, and to Manny.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

KevgriffithReview Date: 2015-02-08

Had a very good experience with purchasing a second vehicle from Kory within the last 7 months. He is a great salesperson and does not rush the buyer into purchasing a vehicle until they find one they are pleased with. Vincent was proficient with explaining the financing aspect of the car buying portion

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Cmatos11Review Date: 2015-02-08

When we decided to purchase a new car, I was dreading the experience. Every single time I have walked into a dealership I felt like I was already being duped, like I seemed really dumb, or that all they cared about was how much I was looking to spend. My experience at Off Lease Only was the best car shopping experience I have ever had, and I will never shop for cars anywhere else in the future! We decided on Off Lease Only because their website seemed very professional, no dealer fees, and the prices were spectacular compared to any other dealership in our area. I am so happy we did the research we did before we went car shopping and chose OLO! Our car salesman was Rick, and he was truly fantastic!! I cannot say enough about how knowledgeable he is about his profession, how much heart he puts into his job, and how much he HELPED US!!! He and Darnell really pulled some strings to get us our Chevy Cruze and I couldn't be any more grateful!! The customer service there was beyond great. We were also helped by Darnell, Anthony and Aladdin. You can tell this whole dealership really loves what they do and that they are a family! All in all, we will never shop at any other dealership again, and we can't wait to work with Rick and everyone else who helped us in our future car purchases!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Jackson56Review Date: 2015-02-06

We had no idea what to expect when we arrived at Off Lease Only. I found your dealership and the car I wanted on line prior to our visit. We were immediately met by Frank Santoro who explained the process and introduced us to Bill Ussery-our sales person. From there we drove the car and negotiated the trade in price for our car. The process was straightforward and pleasant. We had a very positive experience with both Frank and Bill. They were very friendly and informative and frequently gave us "progress reports" as we moved toward purchase. Anthony was very professional and efficient as he moved us through the financing process. Other staff members often checked on us and offered refreshments. Our only somewhat negative impression was the length of time it took to complete the sales process. We did spend a considerable amount of time waiting to finalize the transaction. Again, though the progress was slow your staff did everything possible to speed the process. Thanks for the positive experience. We would definitely consider Off Lease Only for future purchases.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

RubiiReview Date: 2015-02-05

From start to finish Shauna was awsome! She fought tooth and nail to get a great deal on the perfect car. She and the whole staff made us feel extremely comfortable and never tried to push a sale. Thanks Rory and Dave for making the process easy and fun at the sametime. :-)

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Denzil2Review Date: 2015-02-05

Your site was suggested to me by a friend in the Miami area (I an in the Caribbean) and was very impressed with the wide variety of makes/models and more so, the PRICES! I realized that the process for out-of-state/overseas buyers was different so I called and GENO BULLARD answered. After expressing my interest in purchasing, he was very helpful in explaining the process and even gave me his direct/cell number and asked that I call him when I was ready. That I did. The rest, as they say, is history. The vehicle is now at Tropical shipping, waiting to be shipped to me. Hopefully I shall receive it in about 2 weeks (should have been just one but Tropical dropped the ball in not getting it on this week's sailing). Certainly no fault of Off Lease Only. However, there was one slight hiccup during the process. But Mr. Bullard was very helpful in clearing that hurdle and I say to him here, "Thank you!". I now look forward to start enjoying my "new" 2015 KIA Sorento LX in a couple of weeks. THANKS, GENO!!! THANKS, OFF LEASE ONLY!!!!!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

FernandinabobReview Date: 2015-02-04

As a 63 year old attorney who has never written a review about anything or anyone, I would never have believed my first would be for a used car dealership. Of all the companies I have dealt with, though, in my profession and personal life, I know of none that do what they do better than Offleaseonly does what they do. Starting with salesman Tom Quillan, you'd have thought my wife and I were buying a Rolls Royce. We (especially my wife) were treated royally by everyone down the line, including TIm (Silva), Patrick McGuire, and Mike (Mosher). To a person they were straightforward, patient, interested in our needs, and bent over backwards to make me and especially my wife feel comfortable. Writing my first review ever is the least we can do to show our thanks. Oh, and by the way, the car we eventually selected was several thousand dollars below anyplace else we looked -- and man did we look!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

MarieliReview Date: 2015-02-03

Demond Burks was an amazing sales person. he made our experience stress free. Catered to specifically to what we asked for. We gave him a price range that we did not want to go over and he supplied us with the right car. All smiles and friendly, courteous and patient. I would recommend him to close friends and family. His attention to us was impeccable. Stayed with us until we were satisfied with our purchase

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Mfrankl6 Review Date: 2015-02-03

George Weyer & Major "Payne" gave me a great experience. I am not the most sparkly person when having to buy a car. Not the most joyous moment as a buyer because finding the right price and finding a vehicle that fits me is always difficult. George was very helpful even when I showed signs of dissatisfaction. In the end I found the vehicle for me and I am very happy with the services provided. Thanks George!!!!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Success29Review Date: 2015-02-02

The experience I had while purchasing my vehicle was like no other. The staff took great care of me and my children. They were very hospitable. The entire process was very easy & definitely worthwhile. Working with Joe Otero was amazing!! I will definitely recommend them to family & friends.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

msajReview Date: 2015-02-02

Great experience working with Michael B. he was very honest and upfront with helping me select my vehicle. I thought some of other sales persons seemed very rude but Michael continuously apologized for their behavior if I need to buy a car again I will go back and ask for Michael!

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

rosyyyReview Date: 2015-02-02

Well to start off, I would like to thank Miguel and Leo for their outstanding service. I did an 1hr and 45 min drive (not including traffic) just to visit this location. I had a car in mind but the chance of it actually being there was very small. Miguel approached me because I looked like a lost puppy not knowing what I wanted or where to go. He started giving me options, but not like any sales specialist but more like a friend. Not at any moment did I feel like I was being sold something but more of an experience which I appreciated. He didn't push, or make me feel like I had to buy something that day but more of a, take all the time in the world this is what I am here to do, to serve you in any way thats beneficial to you. Mind you, they closed at 9 and it was already 9:30 and I hadn't even made up my mind, but do you think he gave me attitude or tried to rush me ? Absolutely not, he was actually complimenting me and making feel like I was wanted there. Plus the fact that I made him laugh made time go by a little easier. NOW when it came to talk about money is where Leo came along and I was impressed. Thinking I was going into the real deal money talk and had to put my serious face on. Yet, he made it more like a formal conversation, answering all the questions I had. Mind you, I asked the same questions like three times just incase. He made sure I was aware what I was getting myself into ( which pretty much was a steal) and helped me understand. I believe I got the best deal than any other dealership had to offer. Amazing prices, Brand New cars AND amazing employees? Can't get any better than that. OH and let me not forget the lovely young lady asking me if I needed anything to drink. Its the simple things that make a company stand out than the rest. The fact that I never, not once, felt pushed or felt like I was being sold something is the deal breaker for me. Compared to all other dealerships that i have personally visited Offleaseonly has done it for me. When ever any friend/family need a car you can count off lease only will be the first on the list and probably the only on the list. I would like to thank Miguel, Leo and all the other employees at the west palm location that stayed till 11pm with a smile on their face and never once grunted or felt bothered by me taking so long a huge THANK YOU ! I left with the perfect car for me. I am currently looking outside my window and enjoying that beautiful view ( of my new car of course ) once again, Thank You. Roslyn Rodriguez

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

jennine68 Review Date: 2015-02-02

JB was great! Awesome deals! Quick in and out.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

JohnanSReview Date: 2015-02-01

On the 15th of January I purchased a 2012 Acura TSX from Off Lease Only Orlando. I gotta say, it was by far the best and smoothest car buying experience ever. I got a great deal on my car, amazing monthly payment, great interest rate, they even fed me while I was there. They have great attention to detail and won't try to force you into buying anything. Their prices are truly unbeatable and the sales people are professional and have great attitudes. I was assisted by a few people and everyone that would pass by my side while I was waiting would ask if I was okay and if I needed help. Rodnyy, Geraldo, Sean, and all of the young Lady's there were very helpful and made sure that the delivery of my new vehicle met my requirements and needs. It has been a little over two weeks now, and I can honestly say that I've never been more satisfied with the amazing customer service I recieved. My current ocupation is hospitality and I can definitely say, Off Lease Only Orlando has been the best dealership I've ever walked into. Great! Five stars all the way! Also, they offer an amazing extended warranty on their vehicles, mine is covered for an extra 100k miles.. I recommend this dealership to everyone! Thanks, Johnan Santiago

OFFLEASEONLY Review (ORLANDO) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Annette16Review Date: 2015-02-01

The service was great. We were treated very well by Shauna and Vince. Thank You. Annette L.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Pstef Review Date: 2015-01-31

Car searching for a single girl is always a bit scary because you are always unsure you are making the right decision. Rafael was so helpful and reassuring through the whole used car search process I can't say enough good things! I will definitely refer him to my friends and family.

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review

Rute1Review Date: 2015-01-31

Off Lease offers a great selection of car models to choose from. The prices are what they say they are. Staff is friendly and very professional. Ken Leahy made my experience so easy that I was glad I hadn't brought my son-in-law with me. I didn't feel like I was being cheated on the price and that made me very comfortable

OFFLEASEONLY Review (PALM BEACH) Source: OffLeaseOnly EDMUNDS Review


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